Why does this exist?
Open Source MDMs are now among us. However to use an MDM system a special Push Certificate for use with Apple's Push Notification Service is required. In order to generate this certificate you need to be a part of Apple's Enterprise Developer account. Pepijn Bruienne's blog post details how to do this.
Is it legit?
Well, it's up to Apple (as usual). We've taken steps to follow Apple's specific requirements for signing MDM Push Certificate requests to the letter. That being said Apple could, at any time, revoke or pull your specific certificate, or our entire signing certificate (which would, in turn revoke your certificate). While we've enquired about this distribution though a channel at Apple, we've received no official response on the certainly or legality of it. Use at your own risk.
Why is my email address not allowed?
We block most free and disposable email accounts as a measure to prevent individual use and personal devices. This is a requirement from Apple.
Why aren't individual use and personal devices allowed?
In the various agreements surrounding MDM Push Certificates Apple very explicitly forbids individual use and personal devices from obtaining and using MDM systems and the associated push certificates. You will need to agree to these terms on this website to obtain a certificate and you will need to agree to these terms when Apple signs your certificates (see the instructions for more details). Apple hasn't explained the specific reasons for this restriction.
Who's behind
MacTechs, a Seattle-based Mac- and iOS focused outsourced IT consultancy is providing the service. Jesse Peterson, the initial author of Commandment MDM is a Senior Engineer at MacTechs. We're providing it as a service to the community.